A Steelrool


Our History

On April 23, 2008, Steelrool Indústria Metalúrgica was founded, located in the city of Içara - SC.

The partners Edson Comin and Marcio Zanatta decided to invest in the cargo handling market due to their previous experience in the area, working in mining, ceramics, cement, railway, port, fertilizers, sugar and alcohol, petrochemical, pulp and paper, machining , metallurgy and industrial in general.

Since the beginning, the company's objective has always been to manufacture conveyors for solid bulk handling with quality, developing new technologies in order to provide convenience and good results for production and good results for our customers, thus maintaining a strong partnership.

After 8 years of Steelrool operation, it was observed the need to expand the company, since the space in Içara - SC, was getting small to support its size. In 2017, the new headquarters was opened in Criciúma - SC. The company has expanded in size; the structure has been very well planned and designed, thus providing better space for employees, visitors and partners.

Steelrool seeks to innovate its products, providing total satisfaction of its customers, thus maintaining continuous partnerships. It operates throughout the national territory, standing out for the recognition of its quality products. And through the dreams and needs of entrepreneurs and employees.


To operate in the cargo handling market by offering quality products that meet the needs of customers, acting with environmental responsibility before the society, employees and suppliers.


To be a national reference of quality and service excellence for the cargo handling market.


*Team work
*Environmental and social responsibility

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Steelrool has implemented a quality management system based and certified by NBR ISO 9.001 since 2011. This system is a tool that enables optimization of several processes, highlighting the concern with the continuous improvement of products and processes.
It is a way to assure customers that steelrool is committed to seeking your satisfaction and meeting your requirements. Therefore, it establishes:

Steelrool Indústria Metalúrgica Ltda establishes as its quality policy the excellence in the manufacture of conveyors for the handling of solid bulk, conveyors boards and their components, with the commitment of the management and all its employees:

Customer satisfaction
- Meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers, offering quality products and services, guaranteed by controlled processes and trained employees and aware of the importance of meeting all the requirements associated with the products.

Company growth
- Ensuring the company's profitability and growth in the market.

Continuous improvement
- Promoting the continuous improvement of its processes through performance indicators.


Steelrool is responsible for working ethically, complying with legal requirements and those agreed with stakeholders, maintaining a constant dialogue and transparency with them.
It seeks to minimize the environmental impacts generated in the process, with programs to reduce waste generation and energy consumption, besides managing health and safety environmental risks with accident prevention programs associated with the process.