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Our products

The company's goal is to manufacture conveyors to handle solid bulk and its components with quality, developing new technologies aiming at providing convenience and good production results on the production of its customers.



"We contacted Steelrool for the first time as a matter of urgency due to delays and other problems with our former supplier; nowadays it is our greatest partner in supplying components for belt conveyors. We have been working together for about 8 years. Excellent sales and engineering team, quality and high durability products. We are pleased with the results of this partnership; we congratulate everyone on such excellent job."


"Very Serious and Helpful Company! I appreciate the professionalism of all staff regarding pre- and after-sale service. Flexible in negotiations and always accurately give us feedbacks. Very contributory to our processes and knowledge, great professionals, great professional relation, this is priceless! Thank you for your long-term partnership and the excellent commitment. Success does not happen without these three elements: partnership, synergy and commitment. Thank you STEELROOL."